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Observations Commentary No heart talk

First point to consider if you’re a writer: Never mention your heart, because before long, you’ll be getting calls asking if you’ve had a heart attack. Not yet. Wait for its. Nope, still okay, the tingling in my left arm is gone and so is the tightness in my chest.

Just kidding. I’m fine. My only point in writing last week’s Observations column about my heart diagnosis (viral myocardiopathy – weakened heart muscle caused by a virus that will hopefully be fixed with meds) was to shed light on the heart, and to remind people not to take theirs for granted. I also have an irregular heartbeat, which jives with my irregular brain.

We can get away with a lot of body abuse when we’re younger, but as we grow older, our internal organs harden, our joints give out, our immune system weakens if we’re overly stressed, so all I can say, is take it easy as much as possible. Certainly taking care of your heart should probably top the list. If you’re overweight, please try to shed the pounds (I know it’s not easy). Do everything else in moderation, which includes limiting one of my favorite tacos: Mojellas. A point to remember is that what affects you, affects your family members causing their stress levels to rise.



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