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One more week out of the office

I’m out of the office for one more week -- which makes for two, this week and last -- so my apologies for one more week of little local original news content contained herein. I usually write 52 weeks a year, so even though I hate missing even one, much less two weeks, sometimes an absence can’t be helped.

I was kidnapped by Los Zetas 10 days ago, and it took me nine days to bust out of the Reynosa warehouse where they were holding me hostage. The cartel was asking my family for ransom money, but about a year ago, I told my loved ones that if I ever did get kidnapped, don’t pay a dime in ransom money. They honored my request even though I begged with them over the phone to change their mind; I wasn’t really serious when I told them to never pay a ransom. They said, no, they wouldn’t disrespect me by going back on a promise.



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