City of Donna wins the First-Place Prize: Our Annual Award: Dirtiest Politics Ever

In Hidalgo County, that’s saying something

By Gregg Romero Wendorf

DONNA – I try to save the front page for new stories, except for the Observations Column, but this week I just can’t help myself, I have to turn this Donna City news stories into an editorial. Besides after sitting through five long weeks of the Monica Melissa (Palacios) Patterson capital murder/theft trial, I think I’m suffering from PTSD, so at this point, I’m probably capable of writing anything.
I’ve lived here for a long time, not a native, but I’ve lived here long enough to have seen a lot of dirty politics pass by my watch (it’s getting worse, not better), but clearly this Donna City case to kick Mayoral Candidate Ernesto Lugo out of the Nov. 7th election by de-annexing his personal property Oct. 20 by re-drawing the city boundaries, just 18 days shy of the Nov. 7th election, has to take the cake when it comes to dirty pool; dirty politics, call it what you will. The whole story stinks.

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