City should have a winner in Guerrero

Donna’s newest police chief

By Gregg Romero Wendorf

DONNA – I tried to write this as a straight news story, but because I’ve known Juan Gilbert “Gil” Guerrero for so long, it’s hard not to include some personal observations when I learned that the city of Donna had named him its newest police chief. I would have recommended the guy myself, and he wouldn’t have even had to pay me.
“Gil” has been a cop for so long, his blood must run blue by now. He started his police career, coincidentally, in Donna, where he now finds himself leading the force. That was a long 27 years ago. If there’s a sob story from a drunk driver that he hasn’t already heard, it has to be original. Same goes for pulling over a drunk politician: “Don’t you know who I am?”
“Gil” worked as a police officer in Donna for a short period in 1991 and then moved to Alamo, where he stayed with the police department for two years, before moving to the Pharr PD, where he worked his way up the ranks during the course of an 18.5-year career before retiring from the department in 2011 with the rank of lieutenant.
While with the Pharr PD, “Gil” also worked as a patrol officer, sergeant, and supervisor (10 years) for the criminal

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