Cops getting hammered over SB4

Sheriff Guerra denies hiring illegal workers

By G. Romero Wendorf

It seems that on a lot of Social Media sites across South Texas, and the overall state as well, cops, sheriffs, sheriff deputies, police chiefs, and state troopers who possess Hispanic surnames are being smeared with the epithet: “Uncle Tom.”

Over the years, that derogatory term has been used against minorities who are branded as being excessively subservient to the ruling class, AKA, Big Bad Whitey. Among Hispanics, the term “coconut” used to be tossed around: brown on the outside; white on the inside. It appears now, however, that “Uncle Tom” has become the epithet de jour; in particular for minorities working law enforcement now tasked with upholding SB4, Texas’ new law (goes into effect Sept. 1) that outlaws sanctuary cities and allows law enforcement to question the immigration status of anyone they stop based on probable cause.

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