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Dr. Kenneth Fletcher

Facebook Sleaze Like a vulture feasting on a corpse JP orders Fletcher autopsy

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When Facebook finally goes out of business, I’ll throw a party, because in my opinion, it’s become the cesspool of humanity. Garbage in; garbage out. A sewer of stinking filth is what takes up so many FB pages. Sure, we still get photos of what some guy had for dinner, like I care. Some woman gets her toe nails painted. Do I really need to see that? If so, at least pluck the toe hairs before you shoot high res.

Social media in general, please, it’s driving me crazier than I already am.

The latest insult to decency comes courtesy of a woman named Janie Melendez, who would show up at City of Pharr city meetings to speak out during public comments about the Pharr Boys & Girls Club Gym being closed. The club gym was closed all summer because it was not in compliance with city building and fire codes, concerning minor things such as fire safety, which included adequate escape doors, and the lack of a sprinkler system. Janie wanted to know why the city wouldn’t open up the gym. Uh, because it’s out of compliance, and the club wouldn’t bring it up to code. So, finally, the city had to take it over and make the repairs itself.



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