Hello, Broadsheet; Goodbye, Tabloid

Change never easy

Change is never easy, is it? When it’s over, though, one wonders why it took so long to get it done. So after 40 years and eight month in continuous publication 52 weeks a year, The Advance News Journal is no longer a tabloid and is now, as you can see by the product in your hand or on the computer, a broadsheet.
I have an old collection of original broadsheets, by the way, that date back to WWI. Their size is enormous compared to today’s broadsheets. Even in the Kennedy era, they were enormous in size.
As the cost of print and ink have increased over the years, however, the broadsheet sizes have shrunk. In fact, the only real difference between our old tabloid size and this new size is a quarter-inch wider and 5.75 inches longer. Still, my wife and I were ready for a change. After so many years, it never hurts to do a complete product make-over.

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