Me and my spoiled dog Ryder.

I cannot be bought Ambulance Chasers

There is a guy going around town who isn’t happy with me. Imagine that. Apparently, I didn’t write and publish what he thought I should. He told a mutual acquaintance the other day that Gregg Wendorf is no longer an independent journalist because (a certain entity) has bought me off. In other words, I’ve been paid to look the other way when the people tied to this entity do wrong. I’m now bought and paid for, according to this guy who always seems to be upset about something even on a good day.

Actually, that’s not the least bit true. I’m constantly on the prowl for wrongdoing when it comes to people in general – elected officials, private vendors. My problem is, there is too much to go around in this county. Too many people taking trips together to Las Vegas that raises questions. I can’t cover it all, and I can’t clone myself.

I’ve also discovered over the years that nothing or no one is completely off-limits. If, for example, I have an advertiser, whether it be private (advertising) or a public entity (legal notices) who has allegedly committed a misdeed, I’m not going to bury a story because I’m fearful of losing their business. Really, all they ask for is a fair, impartial story that represents both sides. Too often, news stories are not written that way, and only one side of the story gets told. That’s really what upsets people.


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