Judges: only elected officials who can have state pensions revoked

Unless they resign prior to conviction

By Gregg Romero Wendorf

Texas has this rather odd kink in its law governing convicted public officials, AKA, crooked “public servants.” Only judges can have their pensions revoked after being convicted of a crime. The only caveat being, if they resign from elected office BEFORE trial, convicted or not, their pensions remain intact.
State District Court Judge Rodolfo “Rudy” Delgado resigned and retired from the 93rd District Court April 30 where he had donned his black robe since 2001. In a public statement, he said he must now devote his entire time and energy to assist his defense team after being indicted by a Houston-based grand jury earlier this year on charges of bribery and using a phone to facilitate said bribery.
“Some people may consider this announcement as some type of admission of culpability with respect to the pending (federal bribery) charges,” he said on April 30. “They would be wrong. It is simply the right thing to do.”

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