Two employees suspended WITH PAY

Coach charged with DWI; teacher confesses to drug-cartel trafficking

By Gregg Romero Wendorf

The McAllen ISD Spanish teacher who has confessed to working a side gig as a drug trafficker, according to a federal criminal complaint, has been suspended WITH PAY, according to a story first reported Feb. 10 by The Monitor (corporate-owned daily newspaper). His fellow teachers who have stayed out of trouble with the law, however, must still report to work to collect a paycheck.
As reported in The Advance last week, according to a federal criminal complaint dated Jan. 30, 2018, McAllen teacher Jorge Ignacio Cavazos had been working for a Reynosa-based drug trafficking organization (AKA, a drug cartel) since 2016, helping facilitate distribution of kilograms of cocaine and other narcotics into the U.S. on a weekly basis. That revenue source has dried up, but his McAllen ISD teacher’s pay is still flowing.

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