Illness strikes

Praying hard for a friend

By Gregg Romero Wendorf

I have a very good friend, approximately 10 years younger than I am, who’s now in ICU fighting fora his life, and it’s hard to fathom how such a thing could happen. Lives a clean, healthy life; works out daily at the gym; has a good job; worked hard all his life; and so I have to wonder, how is this fair?
I’ve had a rotten two weeks – I got sick, hacking up half of my lungs, or so it seemed; our 23-month-old granddaughter ended up in the hospital seriously ill with croup for a one-night stay; our internet went down for most of this week’s deadline day; but then last Friday, I learn that my very good friend was in the hospital. Had some sort of aneurysm, maybe a stroke, then a pulmonary embolism, and now he’s in ICU; and now all of his family and friends are praying for a miracle. When you start praying for “a miracle,” you know it’s serious business.
When I think of my buddy, the first thing I remember is his voice. I’m praying I hear it again. I’d talk to him at least

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