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Long-time Alamo mayor passes away

Rudy Villarreal, RIP

By Gregg Romero Wendorf

ALAMO -- Helluva way to wake up this Tuesday morning. I discover that my long-time friend, former Alamo Mayor Rudy Villarreal, passed away in the night. Reminding me yet again that death really does suck.
It was just a couple of weeks ago that he called me to talk about some story I had written. Funny, but what I remember most about the dearly departed isn’t their face, but rather the sound of their voice. Right now, I can hear the sound of Rudy’s voice ringing in my head.
When I was younger, if I was busy, which I often was when he called, I might not have answered the call, and simply have called him back later. With the death of so many friends and acquaintances lately, I no longer do that. Tomorrow brings no guarantees. So now I pick up when old friends call because, well, I never know for how much longer they will be around. I know that sounds morbid, but it happens to be true.
Now with Rudy, being a politician for many years, there were those who weren’t his fans, but in death, I like to think everyone lays aside past differences, and

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