Attacks on Free Speech

There is a huge difference between classic liberals and today’s left. Classic liberals defend free speech for all, even when (or especially when) ugly things are being said by hateful people. After all, the right to free speech isn’t tested when nice people are throwing verbal bouquets. Today’s left, on the other hand, is often dedicated to silencing all speech with which it disagrees. Perhaps no group better epitomizes this intolerant left than Media Matters.

Media Matters characterizes itself as a media watchdog and operates as a tax free non-profit. It, however, is certainly no charity. The group is funded by George Soros for the purpose of attacking conservative networks and individuals. Target number one is Fox News. Media Matters’ M.O. is simple. It monitors programs with the intent of finding statements (often taken out of context) it can use to attack the program. It then orchestrates a campaign threatening advertisers to boycott their products if they don’t drop the offending program. It also digs into the past of broadcast personalities to find any past statements or indiscretions it can use for the same purpose.



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