Biden and the Crazies

Truth Matters

Joe Biden has been playing defense this last week as woman after woman has come forward to claim that he hugged her too long, kissed her unexpectedly, or put his hand on her shoulder. This symphony of criticism has obviously been orchestrated by opponents in their quest for the Democrat nomination for President. It isn’t an accident that the women all seem to be backing other candidates, principally those in the socialist wing of the party.

As usual the criticism focuses on optics rather than ethics. Ir reminds me of the calls for the Virginia governor to resign because of his admission he’d worn black face (when he had just broadcast comments indicating he was O.K. with killing a baby after it had been born). To Democrats it was apparently alright to murder babies, but it was a lynching offense to cover your face with greasepaint.

Old Joe may be the only potential candidate the Democrats have who has any chance of selling himself to the American people as being a moderately to the left centrist. For that he must be destroyed for pressing just a little too much flesh.


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