The Constitution: Designed to Limit Liberals

Truth Matters

The framers of our Constitution were avid students of history. They read about all the democracies of the past and found fault with all of them. They found pure democracies all suffered from the same fatal flaw. They all went bankrupt when voters learned they could raid the treasuries to line their own pockets. Put another way, politicians invariably offered free stuff to voters to get themselves elected. Citizens were prone to electing those who offered the most free stuff. The Founding Fathers found, in other words, that citizens tended to be their own worst enemies. When each of these democracies collapsed financially, some strong man inevitably stepped in to rescue society and became a dictator. The framers decided, therefore, that they wanted to create a democratic republic rather than a pure democracy. To do so they devised a set of checks and balances, including a check on the people’s greed.



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