The Green Raw Deal

Truth Matters

Socialist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez put a bill in the House hopper last week that supposedly dealt with the “existential” threat of global warming. Several Democrat presidential candidates immediately jumped on the band wagon and backed the bill. It was truly amazing to watch these lemmings follow one another over the cliff edge.

Do you like ice cream? You’d better eat plenty now, because if this bill is ever signed into law even the ultra-liberal Ben and Jerry’s will go out of business. Do you like breakfast cereal? Ditto. Scratch Post and Kelloggs. The bill mandates killing all cows because they fart methane (and thus contribute to global warming). Without cows there is no milk. Without milk there is no ice cream or breakfast cereal. The Democrat Party has truly gone coo coo for Cocoa Puffs.

Do you like your house? Not so fast. This bill will tear it down or will mandate it be renovated to make it energy self sufficient. Every building in the country will in this way be torn apart and rebuilt to Alexandria’s standards. You argue that the country can’t afford to do that. Nonsense. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has already thought of that. We’ll just print more money and use it as needed. Pretty soon the money will inflate to the point where we can just stuff it into the walls for insulation. So what if we end up like Venezuela and have to fill a wagon with green backs to buy a loaf of bread. We’ll buy less bread, fart less, and help defeat global warming.



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