The Green Raw Deal

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Truth Matters

Occasionally I get down on myself for falling short of my goals. My New Year’s resolution to lose weight hasn’t been a roaring success. My published novels never topped the New York Times bestseller list. But now I’ve found a new source of inspiration whenever I feel depressed. I just look at the antics of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and realize I have it pretty good.

In her first month on the job Ms. Cortez has managed to cost her district 92,000 new jobs and twenty-seven BILLION dollars. To make matters worse, she’s actually proud of that accomplishment.

Amazon was planning to build its second headquarters in New York City and employ 25,000 people there. As a result, local businesses in the neighborhood would end up hiring an additional 67,000 people to provide services to Amazon and its people. The city would receive some 27 billion dollars in resulting tax revenue. To sweeten the deal so Amazon would come, the city and state agreed to lower the company’s tax liability by around three and a half billion dollars. Amazon had agreed to the deal, but then backed out because some local politicians were unhappy. Ms. Cortez was the source of most of the opposition.



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