Justice Democrats and Democratic Socialists

Truth Matters

If you search You Tube for Justice Democrats, you’ll find a large number of sites devoted to exposing the group’s efforts and plans to take over the Democrat Party as well as restructure the economy and government of America. If you go on the Internet and type in Justicedemocrats.com , you’ll find a 50+ page study as to how the organization intends to do just that. The group is socialist to the core.

Justice Democrats is actually the name of a political action committee formed by former workers in the Bernie Sanders campaign. Following the PAC’s formation, the group used social media to send out a call for nominations of individuals to be considered as candidates for office. They got some twelve thousand responses, sifted through the respondents, and selected a number to support for office. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’ brother submitted her name, and the PAC selected her as one of the lucky winners. The rest, as they say, is history.



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