Tyranny and Property

Truth Matters

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the need to tax the rich more and to distribute wealth. The progressive left has ignored the plight of Venezuela and has pointed instead to Sweden as the model America should follow in its pursuit of socialism. Sweden, we’re told, is both prosperous and socialist. Wrong! Sweden is undoubtedly prosperous, but its redistribution experiments in the 1970s and 80s proved disastrous and were abandoned.

When the film maker Ingmar Bergman found himself taxed at 124%, he moved out of the country. So did everyone else of means, The economy nearly collapsed. The people, however, had become addicted to the free stuff socialism offers. The government therefore privatized like crazy as well as raising the taxes on both the poor and middle class so they paid their fair share and were not the beneficiaries of income redistribution. As part of its response the government provided educational vouchers to everyone so they could attend the public OR PRIVATE primary or secondary school of their choice (first come, first served). Children were enrolled as soon as they were born in an effort to get to the head of the line. Notice the progressive left does not advocate for a voucher system. Teachers’ unions would disown them.



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