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What Reparations?

Truth Matters

Every few years the subject comes up again in Democrat circles about the need to reimburse today’s blacks for the slave labor of their ancestors. It happened again late last week when Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris came out in favor of our government paying the black community reparations.

There are reasons, however, why such reimbursements don’t make sense. There’s also the question as to who would be expected to pay such reparations if they were levied.

Let’s look at the second question first. Assuming reparations are called for, should government pay the bill, or should those who actually enslaved and persecuted blacks be required to anti up? Dinesh D’Souza has made the statement many times that in 1860 (the eve of the Civil War) NOT ONE REPUBLICAN OWNED A SLAVE. He contends that every slave was owned by Democrats and has challenged everyone in the country to find a single Republican who owned a slave. One individual pointed out Ulysses S. Grant inherited a slave from a relative. At the time, however, Grant was still a Democrat.



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