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Pets of the week


Here’s another one of our cuties that currently has ringworm. We will provide treatment until the cat has tested negative and, afterwards, you can choose to adopt or just bring the cat back for adoption. Someone from our medical team can speak to you about all the precautions you need to take and how you can protect yourself and other pets from contracting ringworm. Scan our QR code in the photo with your camera phone to register as a foster today!


Meet our affectionate beauty named Brindy. Brindy is a calm girl that is looking for a quiet home. She does do well with other doggies but loves humans much more. She will start to play with her favorite monkey toy and get excited when treats are in hand. Start the new year with a great companion. Use your camera and scan over our QR code in the photo to view more cuties! You can call us at 956-720-4563 for additional information.


Meet this 2-month-old shepherd blend named Hera. She loves getting her chicken treats daily. Hera is very playful and loving, all wrapped into one. Her daily activities include making silly faces at humans so they give her more chicken. We know it’s all an act, but we love her cuteness!! Can you resist those eyes? Scan our QR code in the photo to see more cuties like her. You can call us at 956-720-4563 for additional questions.


Are you looking for someone who can keep up with you at the park or even just walking around the neighborhood? Izzy loves to run around as much as she can in our play yard. She knows the paw command and already sits for treats. Izzy is a really special girl that deserves nothing but the best! Scan the QR code with your camera phone to see more wonderful pets for adoption. You can call 956-720-4563 for additional information.


Did you know we have so many cuties that currently have ringworm? This is a completely treatable illness that can be easily managed. If you foster one today like Milo here, we’ll provide you with all the treatment necessary. Milo is full of playful energy and is just waiting for someone who will take a chance on him. He needs a family that can help give him all the TLC he deserves. Just scan our QR code in the photo to register as a foster today!

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