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MORE DAD JOKES: Yes: Seriously?

Ed. Note: A Dad Joke is an indescribably cheesy and/ or dumb joke made by a father to his children. (Source: Urban Dictionary) "Dad, did you get a haircut?" "No, I got them all cut!" "How do you get a squirrel to like you? Act like a nut." "Why don't eggs tell jokes? They'd crack each other up." "I don't trust stairs. They're always up to something." "What do you call someone with no body and no nose? Nobody knows." "Did you hear the rumor about butter? Well, I'm not going to spread it!" "Why couldn't the bicycle stand up by itself? It was two tired." "Dad, can you put my shoes on?" "No, I don't think they'll fit me." "Why can't a nose be 12 inches long? Because then it would be a foot." "This graveyard looks overcrowded. People must be dying to get in." "Dad, can you put the cat out?" "I didn't know it was on fire." "What time did the man go to the dentist? Tooth hurt-y." "How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh? Ten tickles." "I made a pencil with two erasers. It was pointless." "How do you make a Kleenex dance? Put a little boogie in it!" "I'm reading a book about anti-gravity. It's impossible to put down!" "I used to hate facial hair...but then it grew on me." "What do you get from a pampered cow? Spoiled milk." ...

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