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How many Snowbirds will spread Covid-19 once they arrive?

I stumbled across this story the other day from several sources about a Snowbird down here whose husband is Covid-positive. Not sure if he spent time in the hospital or not, but per law, he must now quarantine at home for 14 days. His wife has chosen not to get tested, but as is the case, using simple logic, then she should quarantine as well, assuming she has it. This Snowbird, however, refused to go into quarantine. Not only that, but she doesn’t wear a mask around the park.

Up north, down south, doesn’t matter -- this is called: Not giving a damn about your neighbor.

In this new world that Trump has forged, this is called: “Screw you; I ain’t wearing a mask. You ain’t gonna take away my rights. Now sing me another patriotic song that mentions God.” Just disregard the recent report: 1 million new Covid cases in USA in only five days. “What? Me worry?”

How often do you hear the saying these days, “In the end, we have to trust that people are going to do the right thing.” Never going to happen. Too many pig-headed people walk among us. If you haven’t noticed that, then you’re probably pig-headed yourself. (My apologies to pigs.)

They won’t cover their nose and mouth, or stay at least six feet apart from people if possible. They walk around the public square, no matter if they’ve recently been in close contact with an infected person and haven’t been tested. In fact, since tests aren’t bullet proof, they should just take the extra precaution and quarantine anyway, but apparently some are not.

Is this woman to whom I refer a simple outlier, one of a kind? In the sense of knowing her husband has Covid-19, and still refusing to wear a mask, or quarantine, sharing who knows what with her friends and neighbors? Of all the Snowbirds coming here this year, I would guess not. For the most part, since the more liberal Canadians can’t come here this year (border closed to non-essential travel), most are from the Midwest, and most of those are going to be fairly staunch Republicans/ Trump fans. Some used to be Democrats, but then FDR’s old party grew too liberal for them, and they switched to Eisenhower’s party, even though it was the Republicans leading the charge to close more American plants (where the Snowbirds once worked) and move the jobs to cheap-labor markets.

What I found amazing over the weekend, was the Republican rally that took place in Valdosta, Georgia last Saturday. I swear, I’m watching it via live stream, and I’m looking at all of these Republicans, many of whom looked to be in their 60s, 70s (saw two black guys), and they looked for the most part like a pre-pandemic crowd at a UT-Austin vs. A&M (when they still played each other). There were maybe 10 to 15 percent who wore face masks (probably closer to 10), while the rest stood around maskless, laughing, shouting, singing, spreading viral particles every which way.

The people looked like an educated crowd. No evident signs of in-breeding. Yet, in the midst of this pandemic that has now claimed the lives of 281,206 Americans (12-6-20 at approximately noon), reports of hospitals having to turn away patients, here are these people in the thousands at Trump’s Saturday rally, not to mention the Snowbird who now lives among us, acting as if nothing is amiss. How delusional and out of touch with reality can one be and still be considered sane? I hope that this year, the RGV Snowbird park manager will get aggressive with their guests if they don’t follow the state’s Covid-19 protocols, but I doubt if they will. In the real world, money usually tops good sense and good public health. I’d say a good number of Snowbirds this year will not don their respective mask without putting up a fight; and it will take a strong park manager to not back down and enforce public safety.

I think I’ll drive by some RV parks this week, take a peek inside the rec centers, and see what I can see. How time flies. I can remember dropping this snowbird paper we used to publish back in the 1980s off at the parks, from Mission to Donna. I was young then. Now I’m as old as some of them? OMG. Where did the years go?

If I find that a big square dance is underway, let’s say, maybe a group quilting session, with most faces bare, Hidalgo County is even worse off than I thought, and I will wish these people would have just stayed home.

Almost forgot: got another Snowbird report last week. Apparently this group of Snowbirds (all women) were doing their water aerobics at a local RV park– “Right leg in and out 10 times” -- but their faces weren’t covered, and the distance between them in the pool was less than six feet apart.

“Where is Betty?”

“Said she was sick with something. Bad cough.”

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