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The Border Wall? U.S. is a mess; Trump’s photo-op

U.S. is a mess; Trump’s photo-op

You know, I try to stay apolitical in opinion columns. I have readers who are Democrats and Republicans, so why should I take sides? I think both parties have their good and bad points. It’s just that now, thanks to Trump, the Republicans are in a bind. Who will lead the party moving forward? Trump without his twitter, or someone else?

By the way, for those who say that Twitter took away Trump’s “Free Speech,” that’s not entirely true. Number one, Twitter is a private company and can choose who has access to its platform and who does not. Trump is now apparently permanently banned, so how will he get his false narratives out to his masses? Rent some airplanes that can tow a banner: “Stop the Steal.”

Social media is both a blessing and a curse. It allows a politician to spread false information to the masses, and it allows anonymous posters to post fabrications that people will take as gospel.

In the case of America’s 45 th president, what Twitter allowed was for Trump to spend approximately nine weeks after the Nov. 3 election to continue his rant: “The election was stolen from me.”

No it wasn’t. More than 50 courts, comprised of some Republican judges appointed by Trump, had tossed out the lawsuits alleging widespread voter fraud. Each state had reviewed the votes countless times and found no evidence of fraud. Finally, after last week’s mob riot at the Capitol, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) finally, finally, admitted that after multiple requests asking for just 10 names that could prove voter fraud, he had yet to receive ONE. So why wasn’t he saying that before the mob riot? It’s because the next day, while walking through an airport, Trump’s supporters were all over him, calling him a traitor. These people aren’t joking around. At the Capitol, last Wednesday, someone hung a noose and indicated it was for VP Mike Pence because he had the gall to abide by the U.S. Constitution, which gave him no authority to do what Trump wanted him to do: declare the electoral votes null and void.

For that, Trump called him a coward in a furious tweet sent while the mob riot was underway.

We have the pandemic; we have a lot of Trump supporters making threats online against certain elected officials and journalists, which the president spent the last four years deriding as “Fake News.” We had reporters and photographers attacked by Trump’s mob last Wednesday inside and outside the Capitol; and we have one Capitol PD officer dead, his head smashed in with a fire extinguisher.

This is America? Really?

This Tuesday, Trump had to fly to the RGV to tout his border wall, with some photoops to brighten his followers. It’s not like there are any other things that might be a priority, like finding out ways to roll out vaccine doses faster.

I don’t know what the next four years will bring, but I doubt if it’s going to be a Kumbaya moment. Instead, I look for Trump to continue with his false allegations that the November election was stolen from him (it wasn’t); while his hardcore followers will continue to believe every word that comes from his mouth.


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