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ICE arrest Common sense not so common

The French Philosopher/ Writer Voltaire once coined the phrase: “Common sense is not so common.” Truer words were never spoken. ICE helped underscore Voltaire’s famous quote last week inside the Hidalgo County Courthouse by taking a woman into custody who was in this country illegally. The arrest took place in a courthouse corridor in close proximity to the courtroom door. Don’t know if the arrest was the call of an ICE agent(s) or needed approval by an ICE supervisor. Either way, common sense was nowhere to be found. Common sense would have dictated: Let’s wait until the woman has left the courthouse, and keep it on the down-low even if she is in this country illegally. Why make a public scene out of it? If you’ve ever spent much time inside the Hidalgo County courthouse, you soon discover that failure to show up for a court appearance is a common occurrence. Non-violent offenders out on bail who fail to show up for court hearing wastes the court’s time, the public defender’s time, the DA’s time, and helps choke up the flow of the court docket. When they do finally show up, they’re now typically decked out in orange prison garb because they’re in custody, costing taxpayer money. The judge wants to know why they never reported to their probation officer over the course of, say, the past two years they’ve been on the lam. The typical response is that grandpa was very ill down in Mexico, and there was nothing to do but go down there and help take care of him. When the judge says, “Yes, but you’ve been back in South Texas for at least the past year, so what have you been doing since you’ve been back?” The man or woman in custody will typically shrug his or her shoulders as if to say: Okay, you got me on that one. “Sorry, your honor.” One time, I heard a prisoner refer to Judge Noe Gonzalez as “bro,” to which the state District Court Judge responded, “I’m not your bro.” Such is some of the human drama that unfolds inside the Hidalgo County Courthouse. It can be entertaining, but also frustrating because the taxpayers are footing the bill. So, given the fact that more than a few people fail to appear for their scheduled court appearances, or fail to report to their probation officer, thus triggering an arrest warrant, what does ICE (U.S.

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