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The media isn’t mongering fear Check out daily podcast:

The media isn’t mongering fear Check out daily podcast:

Fear mongers. I get tired of hearing people accuse the media of mongering fear. Wait, let me check the latest novel coronavirus figures. At 6:30 this morning, the number of people in the U.S. who have tested positive to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was 4,661. Right now, 3:30 p.m., that number is now 5,853. So, it’s grown approximately 25 percent in only nine hours. The number of worldwide deaths seven hours ago was 7,166. Right now, that number is 7,869. Approximately a 10-percent growth rate.

At 6:30 this morning, the number of total confirmed cases of COVID-19 was 183,304. Now, at 3:30, that number is 196,106. So what? Approximately a growth rate of a little more than seven percent.

Daily, for at least the last week, the number of confirmed cases in the U.S. has been escalating by approximately 25 to 30 percent per day. So, for anyone to think that those of us who live in the U.S. don’t need to find ways to stem the tide, so to speak, 30, 60 days out, that 7,869 number today is going to be a lot more. I’m asking a banker now with a compounding computer to run the numbers 30 days out: take 1,000, multiply it by 25 percent, and then keep multiplying the result at that rate for 30 days. Can’t wait to see what it comes to. I could do it manually, but don’t haven enough time.

The best source for this info can be found courtesy of Johns Hopkins. Do an online search for “Johns Hopkins virus map,” and up should pop the link. Click on the map, and you’ll get the daily numbers. For sourcing, one can’t do much better than Johns Hopkins. Terrific job they’re doing. What you’re looking for is this url: The link reads: “Map – Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.”

For the past week, I’ve gone there every morning and taken a photo of the map so I’ll have an illustrative record of this virus’s spread.

One warning: take what you read on social media about this coronavirus with a big grain of salt, unless it’s a link to a legitimate news source. Another stupid thing that Trump did was state some weeks ago that social media was a better source for news than traditional news outlets. The social media “reporter” may well be some 30-year-old unemployed social misfit who can’t get a job, and sits in his parent’s bedroom, wearing only underwear while scarfing down Twinkies. He’s your go-to guy for news. Seriously? With all due respect, Trump just hates news outlets because they’re not state controlled. If he could control us, he would. I mean, when he dumps on Fox News and his old friend Ann Coulter, you know he’s upset. That was before the coronavirus pandemic.

The world and U.S. economy are tanking. People are scared of what may come. The unknown is what scares people the most. It doesn’t take the media to scare them by reporting the virus news. They’re already scared. People, most of them, aren’t stupid to the very core. They realize that the world has changed.

Daily Podcast By the way, I’ve started a

By the way, I’ve started a daily podcast at anjournal. com. Listening to it currently doesn’t require a newspaper subscription. Some of it is boring as hell, so if you’re having trouble with insomnia, you might check it out.

Actually, I’m having fun with it. Harder than I thought it would be in terms of not making a mistake, of which I’ve already made a few after only producing three podcasts to date. I’m not wasting time editing them, so I later have to correct the mistakes in the next podcast. For one thing, though, I have to quit mumbling. I’ve been a lifelong mumbler, which is why I usually didn’t do well in speech class. Elocution has never been my strong suit.

The lucky ones actually get paid for doing this sort of thing. Reading from the news and then commenting on it. Tough job. Not. Anyway, if you’re bored, please tune in. They’re posted on line every morning by 9 a.m.

Jan’s Note:

I have learned from a reliable medical source who just happens to have a degree in Public Health that China did a far better job of implementing containment protocols. China also began rapidly warning the United States. Due to the hubris of our federal government comprised of inept arrogant politicians, they did not take this seriously. The United States had warnings TWO MONTHS ago!!! If responsible protocols had immediately been enacted, we would have far fewer cases. COVID-19 has had time to mutate, and it appears to me that it has done exactly that. The medical protocols should have been immediately, and they should have been stringent with no exceptions.

Would someone PLEASE disconnect that twittering Trump, the Twit’s, Twitter account???!!!!! If I wanted to listen to an adult who behaves and thinks like a fourteen-year-old, I already know someone who behaves and talks exactly like that. I keep him out of my life, too.

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