RGV in dire need of blood donors

Please help

It’s easy not to think about blood until you need it. Then it’s a big deal. Especially if there is none of your type to be had, and physicians need it to save your life, muy pronto.

Currently, the RGV, especially Hidalgo County, is suffering from one of its worst blood shortages in recent memory, according to reports emanating from United Blood Services of McAllen.

What makes us truly pathetic is, only approximately two percent of Valley residents regularly donate blood. We can eat all day long, go to cocktail hour after work, but we can’t take less than an hour out of a month to donate blood?

According to United Blood Services’ press releases, the blood shortage is not only a local problem, but it’s being felt around the entire country as well. Demand is up; donations are down.

All types of blood donors are needed, but especially O Negative, simply because that type is compatible with anyone’s blood type. Hospital ERs can use O Negative on anyone brought through the emergency doors, no matter what blood type they may have, making the task of stocking up on its supply of supreme importance. People who possess O Negative blood are known as universal donors. O Positive blood is also on the list of types in high demand.

Donating blood only takes approximately 45 minutes, and despite the stereotypical he-man being the biggest cry baby when it comes to needles, they still don’t hurt. The needles, not the he-men. Just don’t look when the blood tech working on you at United Blood Services gets ready to begin the blood-donation process. Once it’s over, at least you’ll feel like you accomplished something useful for your neighbor; useful for your community.

United Blood Services is located in McAllen at 1400 S. 6th St. You can go online and schedule an appointment – unitedbloodservices.org – or give the office a call at 213-7500. Toll free: 1-888-827-4376.

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