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All Lives Matter

If you’re as sick of COVID-19 as I am, please raise your hand. “What COVID? This is all a hoax. Screw the face mask. This is a free country.” Sure, but by not doing what one can to protect the public – wearing a face mask, for example – one may be free, but if they’re carrying the SARSCoV-2 virus, but don’t know it because they have no symptoms (asymptomatic), which accounts for approximately a quarter of COVID cases (Source: CDC), then their sense of freedom is infringing on the public’s freedom, or so the argument goes. In Texas, tempers are flaring over the COVID-19 global pandemic. Just a week prior to the Houston mayor cancelling the state GOP convention, state Republicans were still planning on hosting it, live, despite rising COVID numbers in Houston as well as the state. It went virtual instead. Across the country, people are dying over face masks. Stories all over the internet. Store employee asks a customer to wear a mask, out comes the gun, and bang, discussion ended. Just go online to your favorite search engine and type in: “People killing each other over face masks,” and a lot of stories will pop up on your screen. Meaning, not only are people dying from the disease, but they’re also dying from the face-mask dispute: “No one can tell me to wear one because this is a free country.” True, but it’s also a country reeling from more than 4 million confirmed COVID cases in the U.S., and more than 395,000 in Texas, where more than 5,000 people have already died from the deadly virus. In Hidalgo County, the fatality count is steadily moving toward the 500-dead benchmark. This Tuesday, the exact number of deceased COVID-19 patients in Hidalgo County was at 467, with 7,548 active cases still on the books. So, to add to the misery that a global pandemic will cause, Americans are fighting each other over the politics of it all, during a time when we should all be pulling together. Add to that, the social unrest underway in many big cities across the country, and you might describe these as the “worst of times,” as opposed to the “best of times.” Throw a hurricane into the mix, and one is left wondering, how much worse can it get? Better to simply not ask. Two weeks ago, The Advance News ran “Blue Lives Matter” on its front page, in memory of ...

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