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Secret to a happy life: stay away from national news and politics

Secret to a happy life: stay away from national news and politics

If you’re currently going to a therapist for depression and/or anxiety, try this one technique, and it might help make you a happier person: Simply, tune out the national news and national politics. Get away from Fox News, CNN, the major networks, MSNBC, all the talking heads who work there, talk radio, the loud-mouth former opioid abuser Rush the Lush, and pay no attention to all of the national news. Trust me, you’ll be a happier person if you follow this advice. Also, since I’m dishing out advice, learned from decades of experience, by the way, pay no attention to national politics either. Vote if you want, but know this: your vote won’t matter. No matter which party is in power, nothing ever changes. We, the people, remain forever screwed. If you think differently, you’re still young and naïve, or older, and forgive me, still naïve about what makes this country tick: Money. Lots and lots of money spent by people who lack a soul and a conscience. They are the oligarchs, and they run the country by using politicians as their personal puppets. That’s why, for example, FedEx paid $1.7 billion less in taxes this year, and it’s why Amazon was able to follow suit. It’s also why America is always embroiled in some military action abroad: Money. It’s why the cost of insulin has skyrocketed in recent years: Money. It’s why the cost of prescription drugs has skyrocketed in recent years: Money. It’s why crooked politicians keep getting elected: Money. It’s why politicians (including Hidalgo County commissioners and State Senator “Chuy” Hinojosa) are suing drug manufacturers who make opioids, which for chronic-pain patients make life simply tolerable: Money. Money makes the world go around, and very few of us have enough to make a dent in public policy. If you want to buy a politician who has an office in D.C., you need lots and lots of dough. In fact, that may easily explain the Pillsbury Doughboy look so many of them have. Look at it this way – things are going to turn out the way they turn out no matter if you do or do not get upset over the state of the nation. Only thing that’s going to happen is that your blood pressure is going to spike. In fact, to cut to the chase, the only thing over which we have complete control is how we react to things. We can eat ...

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