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To The Editor: Undermining our values: From Hollywood, from TV and the ‘music’ industry, destroyers influence us both subtly and directly by portraying duty, honor, and character as old timey concepts that no longer matter. They paint our most successful and productive people as bad guys; depict our military personnel as mindnumbed robots; and portray decent Christians as hypocrites who want to spoil everyone’s good time. The indoctrinated board of directors, writers, producers, film directors, actors, musicians, and entertainers are practically unlimited in the ways they can coarsen, worsen, and lower our culture; teach promiscuous sex, feminization of men, masculinization of women, and confuse children as to their gender. They must portray those who want to preserve what made America great as ‘unhip’ or ‘out of touch.’ Our cultural destruction moves on several fronts simultaneously: Indoctrinated entertainment reinforces what is both learned and not learned in our schools through this direct pipeline to the brains of young skulls full of mush. These will soon be those who will be running the country. We are taught less and less of reading, writing and arithmetic and actual history; less of the nuances of our Constitution, and more distortions of history and the flaws of the men who wrote it and founded the nation. They vilify capitalism, Christianity and moral standards, so that children become ignorant, entitled creampuffs needing safe places in which to listen for “trigger” words that set them against approved speakers of true enlightenment. They promote only judges who believe in a “living Constitution” that can cease to restrain government as the judges wish; thus, arrogant judges can override what people know to be Constitutional. They can put policies in place that defeat control of government’s size and power, so that government becomes too big to do anything well except swell its cost to an indebtedness that puts us on the road to financial ruin. They’ve captured a political party that consistently appeals to people’s worst characters. This party turns black against white, women against men, gays against straights, rewards poverty, brings in evermore poor, uneducated immigrants; defend unions that make schools less than mediocre, causes employers to flee the country, robs Peter to pay Paul, builds a large corrupted growing base of taker parasite voters to perpetually support the party and its ill-gotten gains. They’ve captured the common media, paid for by the unwitting advertisers of common goods/services, blinded by their need for the market. Destroyers ...

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