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I was watching television the other day and heard a high level Democrat say that President Trump had caused hurricane Dorian because he didn't oppose global warming. That was so ridiculous it got me to wondering whether the Democrat presidential candidates could themselves be rationally accused of fomenting hurricanes. I realized they could on several grounds. To begin with, these millionaire Democrats have a huge carbon footprint and seem totally unconcerned about reducing it. Bernie, for example, owns three houses. They all generally fly to speaking engagements and usually do so in private jets. They put as much carbon dioxide in the air in a week as you or I do in a couple of years. When they get to these engagements, they try to reduce the resale value of our gasoline-powered cars and to snatch our hamburger out of our mouth in the name of cleaning the air they're polluting. It could also be argued theologically that their defense of killing a million and a half babies a year through abortions seriously displeases God (who is not a big fan of either abortions or of pro-abortion Democrats). God judges nations who kill babies. Sometimes those judgments come in the form of storms. In addition, the agenda of the Democrat presidential candidates would have the effect of radically increasing man-made global warming. Their “green new deal” would reduce the United States to third world nation status and would elevate China and India. China and India are the two biggest polluters in the world, and they would increase that pollution if we went green. In spite of these thoughts, however, I must admit that there's no evidence the level of hurricane activity has increased as a result of global warming. Meteorologist Joe Bastardi makes the point convincingly that several hurricanes in the 1920s and 1930s closely parallel Dorian's path and intensity. Furthermore, the variation of number and intensity of hurricanes as far back as we keep records is consistent with activity levels today. People who point to an increase as an indicator of global warming are simply displaying their ignorance of the past. One last point about the claim that Trump is responsible for Dorian. Since he pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accords, the United States has done more to clean up our air than any nation that stayed in the accords. How did Trump do that? He encouraged fracking which has dramatically increased ...

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