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The Establishment Mindset

When I was in junior high school our class took a field trip to New York City to visit the United Nations building. When I taught public high school in the 1960s I was instructed to weave certain basic themes in throughout the year. Our view of world history was to emphasize the growth from smaller, less centralized governments and geographic units, to larger more centralized governments culminating in (You guessed it!) the United Nations. Our entire history mindset was predicated on the emerging “New World Order” which would usher in an era of peace. That same philosophy is behind creation of the European Union (which will supposedly prevent a third world war). The political establishment in the United States (Republican and Democrat) is both the promulgator and product of that educational philosophy. In the view of that establishment, it is the world and not the United States that matters. Civilization as a whole must grow and the influence of America must shrink. In their view it is the function of the U.S. to fund the world’s development. That was the thought process behind NAFTA as well as the granting of most favored nation trade status to China. It didn’t hurt that there was plenty of money to be made for establishment leaders through the dismantling of the U.S. Economy and shipping of jobs overseas. Then along came Trump and threw a gigantic monkey wrench into their plans. He was a nationalist. He wanted to bring jobs back home. He wanted to strengthen the sovereignty of the United States and reverse the slide toward the New World Order and socialism. HE HAD TO GO! The establishment reacted by doing everything it could to smear him as a candidate. When he won anyway, they immediately began working for his impeachment. In that effort they colluded with a British spy, Russian intelligence agents, as well as with sources in Italy, Australia, and Ukraine. John Brennan also seeded the CIA with resistance agents given civil service status to prevent their being fired. These agents leaked distorted information to the press (or at least to those portions of the press controlled by the establishment). The establishment then changed the rules regarding whistle blowers to allow second-hand information to qualify. The Mueller probe had failed to unseat Trump. Their effort to convince the people that a recession had arrived also failed. They therefore, needed to come up with new ...

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