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Henry VI

I just spent the morning viewing biographies of the Plantagenet kings (until their replacement by the Tudors). That’s what cancer patients do, I suppose, while they live a hermit’s lifestyle awaiting a vaccination against the virus. In this case I learned an important lesson from British history. I learned that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Henry VI was described variously as “simple minded” and as suffering from dementia. His wife and staff were protective of him (even when he was in a catatonic state) and used him as a puppet. Others sought to depose him for the good of the realm. Bitter fighting broke out between the factions. A foreign government (France) backed one of the factions. The king had a record of bankrupting the country through lavish spending on foreign wars (which he lost).

The result of Henry VI’s reign was nearly constant social unrest and economic hardship. He was deposed, but the unrest continued. After spending a good bit of time under house arrest, he was taken to London and put on display riding through the streets. He was returned to his thrown to continue as a figurehead, but was then deposed once again and executed. Does he remind you of anyone?

Speaking of foreign governments meddling in another country’s affairs, have you perhaps eaten a Smithfield Ham for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Smithfield is, of course, the name of a famous meat market in London. It is also the name of a formerly American company which is a leading producer of hams. It is now owned lock, stock, and barrel by the Chinese Communists. Along with the pigs they also own thousands of acres of prime American farmland and can ship our food to China whenever they wish. They can also ship Chinese food here to the United States. (People and pets have been known to get sick or even die from eating Chinese food).

GE is another company that the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has taken over. They own the company and logo, at least, for General Electric’s appliance division. A host of other American companies have also been bought by the Chinese. This is important because the CCP is committed to using our own money against us. When we buy from them they use the profits to buy more American companies and compromise Americans of influence.

There is an old saying among the communists that if they offer an American a bribe or kickback and he rejects it, that isn’t a problem. Just offer him double that amount the next time. They have an unending supply of money and Americans have a limitless greed. Americans also think in terms of the company’s next quarterly report, while the communists think long term. One of their long term goals is to own enough of a company so they can get their hands on the company’s trade secrets and steal them for their own use.

Another goal, of course, is to influence a country politically. They were successful recently in putting their own hand-picked candidate in as leader of South Korea. They also appear to be making an effort to influence elections here in the United States. Edward, in his battle against Henry VI lost quite a few battles and appeared to lose the war. He was deposed from power and his friends were ravaged by vindictive partisans. In the end, however, he came out on top. It remains to be seen whether that part of history will also repeat itself. If it does, then in the immortal words of Yogi Berra there will be “déjà vu all over again”.

Haughey is Senior Advisor of the Texas Republican County Chairman’s Association.

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