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Quality Control Sucks!

Quality Control Sucks!

Truth Matters Recently a very large apartment building burned down in the United Kingdom. It burned because a Whirlpool washing machine caught fire. The door latch was electric and was defective. Since Whirlpool manufactures three major brands of washing machines and since all have electric door latches, there are literally hundreds of thousands of machines which pose a potential fire risk. Whirlpool instructed owners not to use their machines until the company put out a list of affected models. They would do so on a certain day. That day, however, came and went without any list being published by Whirlpool. Owners have resorted to hand washing their clothes or simply going dirty. Meanwhile in the United States owners (including me) are suffering from an opposite problem. Whirlpool refrigerators are subject to severe leaking problems. For those in homes with wooden floors, this can translate into thousands of dollars in water damage. The leaking is associated with ice buildup in the freezer compartment, so the ice needs to be scraped out weekly or the plug pulled to manually defrost what is supposed to be a frost free unit. Whirlpool addressed the problem by putting together a kit with a special tube to carry water into the evaporation pan. They claimed that the original tube was subject to clogging. I purchased this “S” shaped tube and installed it It made zero difference. The freezer still iced up and leaked. My refrigerator, incidentally, was just over a year old when it began malfunctioning. It was, therefore, just out of warranty. It would be nice if Whirlpool were the only brand afflicted with reliability problems. It is not, however. A little over a year ago I bought a large, top-of-the-line Sharp microwave. A few weeks ago it decided to keep running after the cooking cycle was complete. I have to pull the plug after every use. It has also begun jacking up the cooking temperature to the point where cups of coffee boil over after half a minute of heating. Once again, the unit is just out of warranty. If you go on line you will find page after page of customer complaints detailing these exact same malfunctions. You will also find complaints about other brands which used to be considered the most reliable products on the market. What in the world is happening? I saw an interview program recently which may offer an explanation. In it two appliance repairmen with decades ...

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