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Stacking the deck

Donald Trump is a very caring individual and is often attacked or ignored when he shows that aspect of his character. When, for example, he was in Walter Reed Hospital and wished to show his appreciation to well-wishers outside by being driven around the perimeter of the grounds and greeting them, he was attacked for endangering his driver (who was in a sealed off portion of the limo). When he had pizza delivered to the group every 45 minutes, the press largely ignored the gesture. When he got sick, reporters generally blamed him for not taking precautions, although it’s very possible the debate commission was at least to some extent at fault for not screening those present. Ah, the debate commission.

. .The debate commission is made up of Democrat operatives and Republican never-Trumpers. The moderator of what was planned to be the second debate (Steve Scully) was a former employee of Joe Biden. He emailed one of Trump’s most vocal critics (Anthony Scaramucci) asking for advice on how to zap Trump. When the communication became public, he claimed someone had hacked his email account and that he hadn’t written it. It then came out that the fellow had written several embarrassing emails in the past and always ended up claiming when they became public that he had been hacked.

Without consulting with the president, the supposedly-unbiased debate commission then announced that in the interests of community health the next debate would be virtual (which would allow Biden to read supplied answers if he chose to). The Donald said no, and the press responded that reporters would be there to keep Biden honest. But who would keep the press honest?

Since Trump rejected the debate commission’s format change, the commission logically had two choices. It could negotiate with Trump, or it could cancel the debate and do nothing. Instead, it opted to hold a town hall attended only by Biden. How’s that for being even-handed?

Meanwhile, the Internet is being deluged with Biden advertisements accusing Trump of being guilty of murdering voters and being the worst president in the history of the world. These ads are being paid for by suspicious sources, half of which leave blank the donation page question of where they work and who they work for. This leaves open the very real possibility that Chinese money is paying for half of Biden’s campaign. That possibility can’t be rejected out of hand since Obama/Biden, a few short years ago, received a mountain of cash through their website which came from another website that was acting as an intermediary for China. Obama made that possible by paying a large sum to deactivate his site’s safety protocols which would have otherwise prevented such a transfer. Obama was China’s candidate, and it appears that either Biden has received that mantle or an awful lot of unemployed or retired people are bankrolling his campaign.

That campaign, of course, is only one of Trump’s worries. Communists and anarchists of various shades are also attacking police and members of the public in hopes of fomenting a revolution. Various Boogaloo Boys, for example, have just been arrested for planning to kidnap the governor of Michigan and destabilize that state. The Boogaloo Boys hate Trump, support Antifa, and differ from Antifa and Black Lives Matter only in that while they fight alongside BLM and Antifa they don’t have a goal of imposing communism after their glorious victory. They wave the American flag as they tear America apart.

The remnants of Occupy Wall Street have either incorporated into Antifa or have moved over to the Sanders campaign and from there to BLM or independent activism. One such Occupy activist was just arrested in Denver for murdering a Trump supporter at a rally the Occupy guy was hired to attend as a security guard by television station News9. They contracted with the Pinkertons to provide security at the rally for their news crew. It’s probably not a good idea to give a Trump-hating socialist a gun and send him to a conservative gathering.

The deck has indeed been elaborately stacked against Donald Trump from the very beginning of his first presidential campaign. The old political guard of both parties has been against him because it makes money from the prevailing corruption. Ditto the industrialists who depend on crony capitalism to give them a leg up on their competition. Ditto the five corporations that run the lion’s share of news coverage in America (and who are interlocked with the industrialists). Ditto the racists who want to continue killing minority babies in the womb.

Donald Trump is perceived as a threat by all, and they retaliate by twisting his every word and deliberately reinterpreting his every action. We’ll find out in November whether they have been successful in their effort to poison the body politic and smear the president.

Haughey is Senior Advisor of the Texas Republican County Chairman’s Association.

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