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Wait two weeks to treat your kid’s bleeding ear

If you like the idea of socialized medicine that the likes of Comrade Bernie (Mao) Sanders is promoting, then you’ll probably like what my friend’s daughter ran into last week in England. She moved there last year with her two kids – boy and girl – when her husband was transferred from Houston to London for the next two to three years. All told, they like it, but there are some drawbacks. Her son’s right ear started bleeding last week pretty profusely, so she took him to the hospital ER in London. His ear is so full of blood, said the ER doc, that I’m going to have to give you an emergency referral to go see an ear-nose-and-throat (ENT) doc because I really can’t see that far into the canal. So far, so good. Then she looked at the appointment date – two weeks. Ah, the joys of socialized medicine – a two-week wait for your kid when his ear is bleeding profusely from an unknown source inside its canal. Thankfully, it stopped bleeding after she left the hospital; but who knows what caused it? For that, she’ll have to wait two weeks. What if she hadn’t had an emergency referral? I asked my friend. “She would have had to wait until May to see the ENT doc,” he said. That’s what we want here? Seriously? Socialized medicine run by government lackeys who can’t tie their shoes and get the laces sorted correctly? A country governed, for the most part, by elected psychopaths who love war but hate expanding Medicare? In South Texas, senior citizens have it lucky because they have no problem finding docs who treat Medicare patients; but in other parts of the state and country, it’s hard to find one. Why? Because Medicare pays pennies on the dollar when it comes to medical bills. It’s the people with private insurance like myself who help underwrite Medicare by paying huge monthly premiums. Here, we gripe if we have to wait in the doc’s office for more than an hour. Try two weeks for an emergency like the daughter of my friend experienced last week. There’s a reason that physicians and especially physician specialists make decent money. It’s because they typically worked their @$$ off to get where they are. For a specialist, that typically involves 10 years post-grad training after college. Four years med school, three years primary residency, and then a threeyear fellowship.

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