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The world has gone crazy

Over the last couple of days, two more statues have come down. As I predicted, George Washington was one of them. Thomas Jefferson was the other. He was a slave owner and must be rejected, even if he is largely responsible for our country’s founding documents. Those documents themselves are now in danger. So much for real people in our history. The mob has now turned its attention to fictional characters and is threatening any manufacturers who continue to use those names on their products. The store shelves are therefore being cleansed of ethnic names. Gone, for example, are Eskimo pies (although one might think that association between a people group and something delicious would be a positive rather than a negative). Aunt Jemima is also on the chopping block. Pancakes are being sacrificed on the altar of ethnic food. I love pancakes, so this exercise is particularly troubling to me. Mrs. Butterworth joins her on the block because the shape of her bottle may reflect black influence. Then, of course, there’s the infamous Uncle Ben and his rice. I presume he’s guilty of cultural appropriation since he is black rather than Asian. If the rice were named Charlie Chan that might be viewed as an improvement except that the old black and white crime fighter of the Saturday double feature was dropped because he was viewed as being stereotypical. There was also opposition to his number two son being black and representing comic relief. You can’t get away with that today unless you are governor of Virginia or head of the Canadian government. The unnamed black chef on the boxes of Cream of Wheat has also undergone a color change. The mob wants to make sure nobody confuses Cream of Wheat with soul food. I’m sure there will be many additional ethnic changes on food packages to follow. One I predict is General Chou chicken. Chou may be the name of a dynasty, but somebody will surely be offended that a Chinese general is referred to as being a piece of chicken. Frankly, as I look at all the deletions and potential deletions of names for the supposed purpose of respecting minorities, I wonder whether deletions themselves are a show of disrespect. If statues are being pulled down through disrespect, how can excising people from packaging show them respect? There is no respect in oblivion. Let’s take a look at another example that is supposedly ...

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