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The Babe’s would lift my spirits

Amid the blues of today, thinking and reading about oldtime baseball is a good pastime. Plus, thanks today to Youtube and streaming video, we can watch championship games from most major sports for most of the really big games. We never run dry even when the real sporting events have been cancelled, thanks to that $#&*$% coronavirus. I think baseball is still America’s greatest sport. For a lot of reasons. One of which, it still has a lot of class. Whereas, most players in the NFL these days look like rejects from the World Wrestling Federation, baseball players (except when the dugouts empty for a full-blown fight) still show a lot of class. Watching the NFL, I keep waiting for one of the players to climb the goal posts, like the wrestlers do in the wrestling ring when they climb the ropes, and do a full-body slam on the running back as he’s about to cross into theend zone. Then the cheerleader can grab a folding chair and smack the QB over the head as he’s trying to run in for the extra two points. That’s how I see pro football these days – like some wrestling show run amok with million-dollar players and owners who don’t know when to quit with the cosmetic surgery. Throw in the eavesdropping on opposing teams, Deflategate, and the bounties paid for hurting opposing players, and tell me the NFL doesn’t today resemble some third-rate wrestling federation or Paul Newman’s brand of hockey in the great movie, “Slap Shot.” Thankfully, though, baseball is still relatively tame and a lot of fun to watch. Even the baseball fans are calm compared to football. In the NFL, the fans are bare-chested in minus-five-degree weather, chasing their third case of beer after firing up the barbeque-bumper grill at 5 a.m., wearing some orange bozo wig, with his team’s colors painted across his chest, screaming profanities at the opposing team. Occasionally fights break out in the parking lots after the games. In baseball, watch them on TV, the fans are sitting quietly in the stands, chomping on a hot dog, quietly watching the game and discussing it with friends. Give me baseball any day. A game I love more, the older I get. My favorite player of all-time is still the Babe. George Herman Ruth, with a dad who owned a bar, who sent his son to reform school at the age of 7. Thankfully,

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