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Colin, the man who damaged the NFL, now has his own ice cream

TV ratings way down, ad prices cut

Hey, you poor white Appalachian hillbilly family. Doubtful you’re reading this because you probably still need to stuff your shoes with newspapers because you can’t afford new ones even though the soles are shot, but if you are reading this, just remember, if you’re white, you’re not worthy of “liberation,” according to NFL Sad Sack Colin Kaepernick.

The former San Fran QB was raised by two crackers (white mom and dad) who adopted him after his white honkey mom (Italian blood) put him up for adoption after his black dad, acting responsibly, fled the coop for parts unknown.

You might ask, “Liberation from what?” I have no idea, but that’s the mission of Kap’s “Know your Rights Camp,” which is a non-profit; meaning, unless the people running it are ethical, someone is probably making money off of it tax free, yo. According to its own website, Know Your Rights will “advance the liberation and well-being of Black and Brown communities through education, self-empowerment, mass-mobilization, and the creation of new systems that elevate the next generation of change leaders.”

What the hell all of that means, you got me. All I know is, in this country today, nothing is holding back blacks and Hispanics from accessing the same level of success as white folk, AKA, crackers. I see that level of success all around me. Second, third generations of Valley people whose ancestors lived in Mexico dating back centuries. Yet, here they are, successful, running profitable businesses or filling jobs that require much education and sacrifice. You know what? They did it without Kaepernick’s non-profit. They did it through hard work. determination and most likely, a mentor (parent, teacher, pastor) who helped guide them along the way.

There are also some locals who never amount to much. That’s on them, though, or the way they are/were raised, which is sad, but it’s not racism that’s kept them down. It’s lack of an education or learning a skilled trade.

If you listen to Kaepernick’s BS, this land is still racist, which prohibits minorities from moving ahead. Now, no surprise knowing their background, the founders of Ben and Jerry’s have bought into it. Any liberal agenda that helps sell ice cream, let’s run with it, all the while, pretending that we really give a $#%& about anyone but ourselves. Works every time.

What Kaepernick really needs to do is to go into populated cities and visit the crime-ridden areas. Go to Chicago and learn why so far this year, the city has registered 727 homicides (as of Dec. 7), of which the vast, vast majority of victims have been young black males, killed by young black males, mainly on the south and west sides of the city.

Of course, that wouldn’t garner the news coverage that Colin is after; which is, honkeys are to blame for all of the dysfunction across America. Racism is to blame. By the way, it might help if Kaepernick, Ben and Jerry can figure out why currently approximately 75 percent of black babies are born to unwed moms without a man around to support them. That’s a sad statistic that needs study in how to remedy the situation, but that would require work.

TV Ratings Drop

Enough of that. On to sports. Last season, pre-pandemic days, NFL stadium attendance was down from the year before. I blame it on seeing the million-dollar players and coaches take a knee while the National Anthem is being played, so as to honor Black Lives Matter and the lie that’s perpetrated: There is systemic racism in America today.

It’s kind of hard for Joe Six-Pack, white or brown, to swallow that load of BS as he shuffles off to work every morning, grinding out another day. Hard, too, for Joe Six-Pack to fork over hundreds of dollars to take the family to an NFL game. So, last year, the NFL stadium attendance was down the most it had been since 2004. (Source: Sports Business Daily.) This year, of course, some stadiums aren’t even open to fans.

The question going into this season, besides whether games will be played or not, was how the TV audience would turn out in light of the pandemic. Intuition would say, it would be up over last year, since more people are looking for an escape vehicle from reality, whether it be watching the NFL or Netflix.

Turns out, NFL TV ratings are so bad this year, the networks that carry the game have had to cut ad rates to offset the drop in viewers. It would seem, then, that the disdain fans had for the NFL last year has indeed carried over into 2020 despite the pandemic. The Wall Street Journal was the first to report the ad-price decline in a story published Dec. 12. According to the Journal story, citing Nielsen data, TV and digital NFL ratings are down 7 percent across the broadcast and cable networks. Viewership in the prime demographic, those between the ages of 18 and 49, are down even more.

A story at about the ratings drop, linking it to the Wall Street Journal report, carried comments at the bottom. Perhaps this one says it best: “Go woke, go broke. I want a football game, not a woke lecture on ‘systemic racism’ and other fictional crap.” Or another: “Stop being political. I quit watching three years ago. Never looked back. Do the same.”

It makes sense. People watch sports to escape politics, not become immersed in it, or have it shoved in their face. If the players don’t want to stand for the National Anthem, then don’t take advantage of America’s capitalist system, which has afforded them so much in this racist system of ours. Even more stupid is that they aren’t intelligent enough to know that kneeling is actually an act of subservience. Stupid is as stupid does.

You know the NFL player for whom I probably have the most respect and admiration? The Arizona Cardinals Pat Tillman. Upset with 9/11, he turned down a threeyear $3.6 million extended contract to enlist in the U.S. Army, where he joined the Rangers. Sadly, after several tours of combat duty already under his belt, he was killed by “friendly fire” (we killed him accidentally) on April 22, 2004.

The military, with Bush Jr. as commander in chief, initially tried to cover up his death, claiming combatants killed him. Later, a military investigation cleared up the confusion. Part of Tillman’s own platoon, which had split up after it was attacked by enemy forces, had killed him, mistaking him and those with him as combatants. How sad is that?

Now, if Ben and Jerry’s wants to name a new ice cream flavor, I suggest they name it after Pat Tillman.

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