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Dig the Botoxed chick with the 5-inch eyelashes

Brady’s Bucs will win

PSJA Memorial Head Football Coach David Brown II announced last Friday via Twitter that he has resigned his position after a 0-14 two-year record: “Hopefully over the past two years here I have positively impacted enough people to inspire them to do the same to others,” Brown tweeted.

The Wolverines have had a rough stretch since before Gus Cavazos stepped down as head coach in early 2015 and headed to Santa Rosa. His final two years (’13 and ’14) were challenging – 6-14 – as well, but he also once led the team to its first nine-win season in the school’s history in 2010.

The three years following Cavazos’s departure to Santa Rosa, before Brown got the job, the Wolverines went 7 – 23. Alamo fans still rally around their team, but it’s been tough on the district’s smallest high school, for the most part, since the PSJA Memorial Early College High School opened in the late 1990s (’97?).

What I think happens with a lot of these schools is that they lose some of the better players that would normally come from their respective feeder junior highs (middle schools), who instead, want to play for the district’s traditional, historical team (in PSJA’s case, the Bears), or sometimes, the most populated school (in PSJA’s case, depending on the year, PSJA High or PSJA North).

People, including me, think of “open enrollment” in terms of a student attending a neighboring district; as opposed to a neighboring school in the same district.

I wish Coach Brown well, and I’m happy I never wanted to be a football coach. Good luck, too, to the Wolverines fielding a coach who can pull some wins out of the bag.

On a side note, if you want a good laugh, do an online search for “Fans ejected after heckling LeBron James.” Better yet, type “For the Win” into the search, because it has one of the best versions of the story, plus it has the video of one of the women tossed from the game, who goes by the name of Karen. She’s got platinum-dyed hair, lips full of collagen that puff out her lips, botoxed to mammoth proportions, and a mouth that would make a sailor blush.

She told James that if he messed with her man, she would f$@# him up. James later said he didn’t think they should have been tossed out of the game. BS. The biggest mistake the stripper on holiday made (my apologies to real strippers) was taking down her facemask and declaring that everyone has COVID and this is all BS. Clearly, she was a Trump supporter and a COVID denier. James biggest slam against her was for not wearing her facemask.

A deadly pandemic and inebriated fans at a sporting event. What can go wrong?

Super Bowl LV (55) is this Sunday, and as before, I predict Tom Brady will soon be wearing his seven Super Bowl ring after having played in 10. A 70-percent Super Bowl win average as QB? Like Jack Nicklaus’s 18 Major wins in golf, ain’t nobody ever gonna touch Brady’s SB record. Two of my favorite QBs, Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw, are currently tied for second place, each with four Super Bowl wins.

This Sunday, though, Brady will pull out a win, which is what makes him so unique. In most big games, the team can jump on his back, and he will carry them across the final goal line simply because he can bring out the best in his players. That’s the real hallmark of the all-time sports greats.

My bet for Sunday: Tampa Bay over KC, 21-13. A Super Bowl win inside the home stadium. Can’t beat that.

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