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Greatest QB of all time

God watches over Tom Brady

Anyone who has ever played football at the high school level, much less the college level, much less the professional level, knows how easy it is to sustain an injury. The most vulnerable body part, in my opinion, is the knee. Right or left, doesn’t matter. If one gets hit wrong, which isn’t hard to do, you’re out for the game and maybe the rest of the season.

The fact that Tom Brady has now maneuvered his new Tampa Bay Bucs into the NFC Championship game at the age of 43 is, in my mind, proof that God is watching over the quarterback that will undoubtedly be declared by some, including me, as the greatest NFL QB of all time who led the greatest comeback games of all time – Super Bowl 51 (LI). The highlights on Youtube tell the story.

This year, after telling Bill Belichick in so many words to kiss his rear, Brady left New England after 20 years and headed to Tampa Bay, where he took a team that won seven games last year to one that has now won 13. Brady’s old team won 12 games last year; seven games this year.

His game-playing days continue, despite his age. Brady is indestructible. Of course, and I swear this is a true story, I once thought that of Fran Tarkenton, the small Viking who used to dodge monster trucks disguised as linebackers was indestructible. He lasted 18 seasons. His last game, I was watching him, thinking that this guy never really gets hurt, and then, bam, he gets knocked out of the game, the season, and decided to retire. Unlike Brady, though, Tarkenton never won any of the three Super Bowls in which he played. By contrast, Brady has played in nine Super Bowls, won six, the most of any player in NFL history. At 41, he is also the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl.

There are, of course, the Brady haters who wish him bad luck on every play. Yet, he proves them wrong, driving them more crazy.

The guy who was going to replace him in New England but went to San Francisco instead, Jimmy Garoppolo has missed more games than he’s played. KC’s Patrick Mahomes couldn’t finish his playoff game and may miss this Sunday’s conference championship game against Buffalo due to a concussion protocol put in place by the NFL to better protect players from long-lasting head injuries.

Like the Energizer Bunny, though, Tom Brady keeps on a’ tickin’.

Brady’s famous for his training methods and has his own nutrition/trainer guru by his side, Alex Guerrero, who is now reportedly working with Rob Gronkowski and several other players. The “Gronk” as he’s called took a year off from the Patriots, but showed up in Tampa Bay when Brady made the leap. Gronkowski has said he’ll return in 2021 to play another season.

You know what I hope? I hope Brady is still playing when he hits 50. He just has to keep God on his side, because his longevity, his ability to avoid serious injuries, and recover from the ones he has had, can only be attributed to one thing: Divine intervention. A player can have the best trainer in the world, and Brady may well have that in Guerrero, but for something as fragile as a knee or an ankle, it’s a miracle that Giselle’s husband is still playing despite relatively few serious injuries over the past 21 seasons.

In a violent game that typically has guys in excess of 300 pounds landing on top of the quarterback, hitting him often full force on the blind side, the fact that Tom Brady is still near the top of his game, and has taken his new team into the NFC Championship game, as a wild card, seeded fifth, makes him, in my opinion, the greatest passer to ever play the game at the pro level.

The Packers, the Bucs’ foe, think that they have the cold (weather) on their side this Sunday at Lambeau Field; but Brady’s got God on his side. I’ll pick Brady to win.

So far (Tuesday), the Pack are favored to win by 3.5 points. My prediction: Tampa Bay, sorry, I mean Tom Brady, 24-17.

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