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LeBron sucks Won’t play games without fan presence

LeBron sucks Won’t play games without fan presence

I really don’t need another reason to dislike LeBron James, AKA, the b-ball player who was a legend in his own mind at the age of 8. Now is a time when we all need to pull together (New York City gangs, yo, please quit looting), but instead, we have a big head like LeBron James say, last week, that if the NBA League bans fans from attending games due to concern over the coronavirus spread, he won’t don his LA Laker’s shorts and take the court. He will sit out the games. Hey, LeBron, you insult to humanity, there will still be enough fans at home to watch you on TV dunk a ball for which you’re paid $37 million per year. For some ungodly reason, God chose you upon whom to bestow so much raw natural basketball talent. That’s $711,538.46 per week for a job that you only work, what, seven months of the year? Poor baby wants live fans to appreciate his athleticism. LeBron is also a guy who has said he stands with the former San Fran QB, Colin Kaepernick, because America is so racially unfair, says the black guy who is making $37 million per year. If his ancestors hadn’t come over here as slaves, LeBron might be back at home fishing or hunting a lion, dodging poisonous snakes, who knows. Certainly doing something more interesting than playing in the NBA and living in his multi-million-dollar mansion. America is also so racially unfair, only 74.4 percent of the players are black. Clearly, signs of racism afoot. Viva Colin and his oscopy. LeBron is a guy who I watch so he and his team can lose. If they lose, and LeBron has a bad night, that’s a good night for me. When he loses a championship series, then I’m really smiling, knowing it’s killing him inside to lose another shot at a championship ring. He’s trying to catch up to Michael Jordan and/or Larry Bird. Good luck. While the rest of us think about what we can do to mitigate the strain that this virus has placed on us as a people and ways we can maintain the relative healthy state of our social fabric, LeBron James is concerned that he will be asked to play in a pro basketball stadium void of fans. That’s serious, all right. ...

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