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Top 10 most boring sports

What are they?

Top 10 most boring sports – what are they?

I GOOGLED “Top 10 most boring sports,” and here’s what I found on one website – I don’t necessarily agree with the Top 10s, but take a gander and see if you agree. Here’s the breakdown, with 10 being the most boring, along with a few online comments from the same website. Please remember, the comments are not my own.

Number 1, Golf – Okay, I admit, if you’re not a golfer, watching a PGA golf tournament is akin to watching paint dry. A bunch of overpaid athletes – are they even really athletes considering the girth of some -- who were fortunate enough to be born with the sort of golf skills the rest of us will never possess no matter how many hours we practice.

Online comment: “Whack the ball, jump on go-kart and drive for 20 minutes to the ball, repeat. No continuity, jumps between players, don’t know where the ball’s going, just shows the ball for a second in the air and then on the ground. Suitable for retired, obese men.”

Number 2, NASCAR – Okay, admit it, watching fast cars go around an oval race track is about as exciting as visiting the proctologist. More boring stuff. The sad fact is, most fans are hoping for a bad wreck to add some excitement to the fact that they just spent too much on a ticket to get inside the raceway (pre-pandemic days). If you’re watching it on TV, you’re probably already asleep by now.

Online comment: “They’re making a left turn. They’re making another left turn. I wonder what’s going to happen next? So thrilling.”

Number 3, Baseball – This is another sport you have to really love to watch. Especially on TV. Look, he’s spitting out some more tobacco juice, scratching his… Guy on first base is spitting out sunflower seeds, and he’s scratching himself too. Manager in the bullpen is looking upset, and he’s spitting all over the place. The dugout looks like a slum, garbage everywhere. No matter, if you grew up loving baseball, like me, it’s a sport to love. The tradition, the history, the fact that there’s no clock dictating the end of the game.

Online Comment: “It’s like watching paint dry. Entirely too many games played. Baseball is what I use to put myself to sleep when I have to wake up early for work. That’s why when the camera man pans the camera thru the crowd during a game he’ll almost always find 2 or 3 people sleeping in the stands. Just sad.”

Number 4, Curling – This sport is so stupid, thankfully I can’t find any of it on TV.

Online Comment: “I thought this was a joke sport made up by the Simpsons writers, but it’s not, it’s a real sport. This fact was surprising for me. Have you seen how excited the curling players look? This is unreal.”

Number 5, the NFL – What can I say, other than the pro football I see these days isn’t the pro football I grew up watching. Too many flakes, too many freaks, too much hoopla, and way too much money paid to grown men to play a kid’s sport. The fans who attend games in person are insane to pay so much money, simply to put money into the pockets of millionaires. Not only that, but when it comes time to build a new stadium, who pays for it, but the local taxpayers who are dumb enough to pass a bond referendum. Dumb.

Online Comment: “Throw ball to man, fail. Second down. Stop clock. Is now five minutes later. Try run the ball 10 yards, 10-yard fail. Third down. Stop clock. Five minute later, etc. It’s total commercialism, and the fans take it way too seriously. It’s a game, take a breath, get a life.”

Number 6, Pool – Okay, I have to admit, I love watching a pool tournament on TV. As a guy who’s played pool since I was about 10, I love the game. The shots the pros make, one right after the other, are truly amazing. After watching a pool tournament, of course, I always have to stop by Fast Eddies to rack up a solo game and see if I can’t improve my game. Then came the $#@%&$* pandemic.

Online Comment: Actually there were no online comments under this entry, which must show there’s a lot of guys like me out there who love the game of pool and who like to watch it as well.

Number 7, Soccer – It’s the world’s most popular sport.

Online Comment: “The most boring sport of all time. Two teams running back and forth trying to kick a ball into a goal. Takes hours for someone to score. Come on if you want a man’s sport play American football.”

Number 8, Boxing – To be honest, I haven’t really followed this sport since the ‘70s, back when Ali was fighting Foreman and Frazier. I followed Sugar Ray Robinson some, and then Mike Tyson just a little. I saw the famous ear-biting (twice) incident, and I realized, this guy’s freakin crazy. Of course, when you have a sport dominated over the years by the likes of Promoter Don King, a guy who actually stomped a man to death when he was younger, what can you expect? Glad to see Tyson is still among the living, though, after living such a tragic-filled life.

Online Comment: “Great sport, seeing who can pummel the opponent into unconsciousness. Says so much about how our society has progressed over the years.”

Number 9, Cricket – I actually wore a white outfit and played this game back on a McAllen sporting field in the 1980s. Some Englishman had orchestrated a game. Only once did I ever play. I didn’t even really know what I was doing out in the outfield, if that’s what they even call it. Please, give me good old American baseball any day of the year.

Online Comment: “All forms of British recreation are some sort of torture. Masochism is just part of the national psyche. Watching cricket is a way for Englishmen to isolate themselves from all possible entertainment for days at a time and thus fulfill their patriotic duty.”

Number 10, Fencing – Actually, fencing has always appealed to me, simply because I can always think of a number of people I’d like to fence, only I’d be the only one with a sword. Plus, in the movies, sword fights are always so cool. Slice.

Online Comment: “This is the most boring sport. Maybe it isn’t even a sport.

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